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Photography & Wildlife Tours with Nick Garbutt

Photo Tours LogoI am pleased to offer an exclusive programme of wildlife and photography tours in partnership with my friends at Wildlife Worldwide. Together we combine a wealth of knowledge and experience in organizing first-rate wildlife travel with a pedigree and international reputation in wildlife photography.

The aim of these tours is simple: to offer unmatched experiences that maximize opportunities to watch and photograph wildlife in the finest locations and to help participants improve their techniques and achieve the best results from their photography, irrespective of their level of experience.

Each itinerary is carefully designed and the locations specifically chosen to offer unrivalled photographic opportunities. The pace of the tours is such that there is ample time to get the most from the photographic potential of each location visited.

Female Ring-tailed Lemurs (Lemur catta) carrying infantsDuring each tour, as series of informal workshops - tailored to suit all levels from basic to advanced - will cover a cross-section of photographic and digital processing techniques and skills relevant to the destination, location and subject, with as much one-to-one time and tuition as it feasible.

Tours are arranged by year (buttons top and top left). Nick's most popular and favourite destinations are offered each year, for instance, Madagascar, Borneo and Tanzania (although the itinararies may be refined and improved as new options become available), while other more unusual or adventurous destinations may be offered biannually unless demand dictates otherwise. If a tour that interests you is not being offered at your preferred time please contact Nick to discuss options.



Camera iconSome of these tours are designed quite specifically (but not necessarily exclusively) for photographers and are marked with the camera icon. The locations chosen for these tours offer unsurpassed photographic opportunities and the day-to-day schedules of the tour are such that quality photographic potential at each location is maximised.

During these tours, Nick is always happy to help with all elements of camera craft, whether you are a beginner or experienced photographer. He offers advice relating to all aspects of the photographic process, from lenses and perspective, to exposure and composition and macro work and using flash. He also covers basic stages of digital processing and can delve deeper into this area for those who wish. There may be indoor sessions, including slide presentations, if the weather prevents work outdoors at any time.

Binocular iconTours marked with the binocular icon not only offer someting for the photographer, but also cater to those with a more general wildlife and natural history interest. While these tours undoubtedly still offer lots of good photographic potential, they are not designed to cater solely and specifically for those interested in photography.